Amol Parashar plans to take a road trip through seven countries


Amol Parashar has associated with the famous travel portal ‘Tripoto’ and come up with a unique show called ‘An Indian Abroad’ – under which Amol will be taking a real-life road trip in 7 different countries! The trips will be shot and showcased as a series of episodes on various online platforms.

The series follows Amol’s adventures on the road across picture-perfect destinations, local cultures and offbeat experiences. While doing all of it, the actor also draws comparisons and similarities between cultures at home and abroad. The show is supported by the prestigious car brand MG Motor, who will provide the actor with their fancy cars for the purpose of these trips.

The series kicked off recently with Thailand, where Amol drove down from Bangkok to Phuket through beautiful locales and exploring the country through his unique perspective. The youth icon had a whale of a time in Thailand, touted as one of the most popular exotic destinations of the world, as he got his hands on fulfilling his endless list of adventurous activities, both on land and at sea.

Amol was truly mesmerised by deep blue waters, golden sunsets and the finest food and wine and as he proudly admits, ‘can’t help but fall in love with Thailand! The Thailand episodes are expected to stream very soon.

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