Akshay Kumar Gets Angry Over Racist Jibes At Lisa Haydon And Jacqueline Fernandez


Superstar Akshay Kumar, who’s usually known for his calm, composed, and witty demeanor off screen, recently lost his cool at a comedy show, probably the last place you’d expect tempers to flare. Akshay and his costars, including Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Lisa Haydon, were shooting for an upcoming episode of the TV show, Comedy Nights Bachao, as part of the film’s promotions – a perfectly rational marketing strategy one would say given the genre of their film.

However, as per a report in Mid-Day, the incidents that occurred on set could hardly be categorized as funny. What had initially begun as a fun shoot quickly became upsetting for the entire cast, and, in particular, for Jacqueline and Lisa, as the jokes kept getting increasingly offensive. Many of the lines aimed at the actresses in the name of humor were racist and sexist, which did not sit well with both Akshay and Riteish.

Though they had somehow managed to retain their composure till that point, the last straw came when one of the standup comedians on the show, Siddharth Jadhav, passed a racial slur about Lisa looking like a ‘kangaroo’ because she hails from Australia. Earlier, the same guy had made another racist remark about the actress when he referred to her as a ‘black African’. That was it for Akshay as he immediately left his seat and advanced toward the comedian to make him stop. However, what was intended as a mild push by the actor to get the point across turned into a shove in the heat of the moment, which sent Siddharth rolling backward on stage in complete view of the audience gathered.

Both Lisa and Jacqueline were on the verge of tears by then, and had Akshay not intervened on their behalf, the prospect of one of them breaking down was highly possible. A source close to the unit was quoted saying, “Akshay, being a gentleman, was uncomfortable with the derogatory lines used against the girls and wanted to point that out much earlier. But when it went out of hand, he couldn’t control himself. He was upset that the comedians were aware that Lisa wasn’t too well-versed in Hindi and wouldn’t even understand few of the lines that the guys uttered. So, he thought it was all the more unfair that one would make fun of a person who didn’t even know the language well.”

If this is indeed true, then it’s indeed sad that some people still consider such derogatory jokes as funny.

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