Ajay Devgn’s Workout Routine And Diet Make Him The Singham Of Fitness

Bollywood Fitness

It’s an irrevocable fact that Ajay Devgn looks amazing for his age. The man’s fighting fitness and supreme agility would put many a young gun to shame. In fact, those who aren’t familiar with the actor could be forgiven for imagining him to be in his early 30s, which is one of the main reasons why he’s still acing those macho roles in action films. But few know the sweat, struggle, sacrifice, and single-minded focus, not to mention the hours of hard work and perseverance that go into looking and feeling like Devgn does at his age.

So, let’s decode what it takes to maintain the enviable physique and stunning stamina that Ajay Devgn boasts at his age.


Workout Regime

An assiduous advocate of core body training, which includes a daily combination of heavy weightlifting and intense cardio, Ajay religiously adheres to his workouts on a daily basis.

1.) Daily exercise for an hour and 1 minutes

2.) Training includes one hour of weights followed by 15 minutes of super-intense, non-stop cardio

3.) Weightlifting includes rounds of heavy lifting and circuit super sets

4.) Cardio includes sets of body functionality he has designed by himself, with pushups and pull-ups being the daily common factor

5.) Minimal breaks between both weight training and cardio sets

6.) Concentration on core body training, including focus on the entire body, instead of centering maximum effort on popular individual parts like the abdominal muscles


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Though Ajay doesn’t believe in being extra fussy about his diet (on account of being blessed with a high metabolism), preferring to eat well-prepared home food rather than going all out with modern food fads and dietary plans, he does try his level best to stick a low-carb and high-protein diet, which contributes greatly to him sustaining his brawny anatomy and amazing flexibility.


Prime Factors to Remain Fit like Ajay Devgn

1.) Disciplined life

2.) Normal but healthy food intake

3.) Plenty of water

4.) Daily, intense workout routine that suits your body type


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So, if you, too, are pushing 50 or know someone who is, and you or said someone desires to look like Ajay Devgn does, you need to buck up and start following the mantra above.

Images SOurces: Reliance Entertainment and Baba Films






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