Ajay Devgn Recalls A Tragic Incident Where A Fan Died Outside His House


Fans doing incredible, unprecedented, unexpected things to show their love and appreciation for their favorite stars is nothing new. Some of these acts constitute genuinely heartfelt gestures that make the stars emotional and captivate all our imaginations; others border on the crazy and make us all go, “WTF;” and then there are those acts by fans that go completely overboard and venture into stalky, scary territory. One such incident was recently narrated by Ajay Devgn during an interview with the superstar for his upcoming film, Raid. But instead of being vexed or wary of the fan’s actions, Devgn was left shattered and sad.

“There are a lot of crazy things fans have done for me over the year, but the craziest one I remember is actually very sad. I don’t exactly remember the year it happened, but I can recollect very well how a fan started living in front of my house. This was a 17- year old boy, who had left his home and was spotted living right in front of my house in Mumbai…not my current one, but the previous one where I use to stay. I tried taking to him, but to no avail. Then I got in touch with his parents, and they came and took him away, but a few days later, I was surprised to see the boy back at the same place in front of my home. That’s when I informed the police, who immediately took action and arrested him. But after they released him, he was back at the same spot. We then realized that he’s not going to give up, so we started taking care of him in whatever little way we could…by supplying him with food and water through our watchman. However, one morning, we woke up to see that he had died at that same spot outside our home. It happened quite some years, and it was really sad.”

We could see the sadness in Ajay’s eyes after he narrated the tragic incident. The emotional scars it had left on him were apparent. We hope that in future every diehard fan of an actor or actress only resorts to heartwarming gestures to display their love for their favorite stars.

Image Source: Panorama

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