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He is the current heartthrob of the Nation; and the audience just can’t get over his charm, persona and of course his performances. Varun Dhawan made his debut half a decade ago, and hasn’t looked back since then.

But, what truly sets Varun apart from anyone else is that he is as affable off-screen as he is onscreen. He has no starry airs and has utmost respect for everyone. As Varun gears up for his next release, Badrinath Ki Dulhania, we caught up with him to talk about his film, his co-star Alia Bhatt, and how the film has changed him as a person.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview.

Becoming Badrinath

I am very attached to Badri right now, but if ask me there us any similarity between me and Badri, then there is nothing. It was very difficult to get the accent right and I can’t take full credit for it. Shashank sat with me for two months and help me modulate my voice and becoming a little manly. He used to say, ‘Tu hameshaan bachcha hi lagta hai har film main, ab thoda mard ban. Zyada emotional mat hona.’ So he basically removed Varun out of me in this film.

Working with Alia for the third time

Some things just click; we have a comfort level off-screen which translates onscreen, but more than that, what works for us is that both of us take our job very seriously. We spent 2-3 months while preparing for Humpty and we again spent 2- 3 months while preparing for Badri. We didn’t take it for granted, we worked hard, and did our rehearsals day and night.

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I felt a change in Alia while working on Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Working on Highway really transformed Alia and her evolution since then has been tremendous. We still have the same relationship, but she has become a bit more serious about her work and life in general.

Living up to the expectations

I have been dealing with comparisons my whole life. Ever since I started my career, I have been dealing with comparison with some actor or the other. I was never worried about comparison with Humpty because there is no comparison between the two characters. Humpty is an angel in comparison to Badri.

Learnings from Badri

The film deals with male chauvinism to a certain extent and double standards we have in the country. Somewhere while doing this part I realised that what we think of as ‘normal’ and ‘chalta hai’ is actually not ok. There were a few dialogues which I felt were ok, but Alia made me realize that those were not. She made me realize that some things are insulting and should not be said to a woman, even if you are saying them on a playful note.

I wasn’t sensitive enough about the fact that we are alienating women, because subconsciously, we have been doing it for generations, and now we feel its ok.

It was only after playing Badri that I developed an understanding of what women go through.

Dealing with tremendous fan following

It’s amazing to know that you have a loyal fan base and it’s great to get all that attention, but more than anything, I went them to take my performances seriously and like me for me performances and not just my looks.

Importance of Box Office

Box office performance doesn’t only mean money. It’s not like I get to keep the profits, but box office numbers to me mean the number of people who have bought a ticket to see my film. So I look at it in a way ‘so many people saw my film.’

Badrinath Ki Dulhania will release on 10th March, 2017.

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