Actor Lakshmi Manchu’s fans get her face inked on their arms


Fans of actor-producer Lakshmi Manchu has left no stone unturned to express their love for her. Lakshmi is one of the very few actors who is blessed with such fans who get her name and face tattooed on their body.

One such fan is Hairstylist Emraan who had met Lakshmi once during his earlier working days and that one meeting impacted him to an extent that he tattooed her face on his arm. He recently met Lakshmi to show his tattoo and she was speechless after seeing the same.

Sources shares that there are a lot of fans of Lakshmi in the South and she has garnered immense love from them. One more girl from the south has her face tattooed on her arm and her name written on her wrist.

Lakshmi Manchu shares on her social media, “I don’t know how far I have come for people to be inspired to have my tattoo on their bodies. I must have done something good. This is not the first time but this is someone that I know and I don’t take it lightly and cherish every hardship that comes my way because I know I am inspiring more people through my hardships.

“Life is not easy and we are continuously learning lessons that you don’t know why it has been put in front of you. But, always know that the universe has a bigger plan, a better plan than what you have planned for yourself. Be in the grace. I am super humbled with what Emraan did.” she added

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