Aamir Khan’s ambitious project Mahabharata shelved

Bollywood NEWS

A lot has been said about Aamir Khan’s Mahabharata ever since its announcement, considering the scale, ambition, and sheer length of the project. Everyone from the industry to trade and audience have been extremely excited about it because if anyone can do justice to an epic like Mahabharata, then it’s Aamir Khan. Lately, it was even revealed that Aamir had considered ditching the idea of making dividing the mythological tale into multiple films and instead, was opting for a web-series format with TV stars, since he felt that this would be better suited to the project. Aamir even left lucrative film offers like the Rakesh Sharma biopic (gone now to Shah Rukh Khan) for the sake of Mahabharata.

However, it now looks like that the demands of such an ambitious project have taken a toil even on Aamir as reports are circulating that he has shelved Mahabharata, be it in a multiple-film or web-series format. Sources close to the project have revealed that after weighing all the pros and cons recently, Aamir has decided not to go ahead with it as the scale was proving difficult to achieve and the last thing he’d want was to make a half-baked version of The Mahabharata. There’s also the small matter of possible controversies that could erupt over casting and narrative choices, given how picky the masses have become in recent years.

What a pity! Will we ever get to see something that does justice to The Mahabharata – arguably the world’s greatest ever epic story?

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