A thought-provoking play on Woman Empowerment: Mujhe Amrita Chahiye


Mumbaikars get ready to witness the introspective journey of an ordinary girl through ‘Mujhe Amrita Chahiye’ presented by Karwan Theatre Group, Mumbai and Right Path.

“For a new theatre group like Karwan, starting off with a play like this is a bold move. ‘Mujhe Amrita Chahiye’ is an extraordinary story of an ordinary girl. When I read the script, I loved Amrita’s character and found her to be real, simple and very believable. The characters in the story and the plot are extremely relatable. Every girl will relate to Amrita’s story,” said Rajesh Amarlal Babbar, director of this play.

Speaking about the strength of the story & quality of the script, Abhishek Narayan said, “Prior to finalizing this play, we had read many scripts. Our team loved this one because it displays all the colours of life in a realistic manner. The best part is that deep messages have been conveyed through humourous situations as well. It makes for a holistic family entertainment while driving the message home.” Abhishek is the Founder Chairman of Karwan Theatre Group and is also acting in the play while he multi-tasks as light designer & producer.

Mayura Amarkant, Founder, Karwan Theatre Group believes, “This play will create a revolution in the way people think and percieve woman’s empowerment. Audiences will realise that it is not the big things that matter, it is the small actions that one does on a daily basis that leads to a big change. I believe that Mujhe Amrita Chahiye will encourage people to think differently about how the look at the issue of women empowerment.”

Mayura and Abhishek launched Karwan with a vision to provide a platform for talented actors and technicians. Overtime they envisage that the platform will turn into single destination for quality theatre plays delivered by a diverse talent pool.

The intriguing play, Mujhe Amrita Chahiye, written by Yogesh Tripathi and directed by Rajesh Amarlal Babbar, premiere on 6th April 2019, 7:45 pm, at Rangsharda Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai.

About the Play:

Mujhe Amrita Chahiye is a thought-provoking story of Vijaya, a middle-class Indian girl, who served her family with quiet dedication. This 30-year-old plain Jane was unmarried since she didn’t fit the typical demand for a ‘pretty’ Indian bride. An active mind & silent tongue are the hallmark of her personality. She could never get herself to express herself.

Things change when Vijaya meets new colleagues. The new situation forces her to look within. Slowly & steadily, like the layers of an onion, her true personality emerges. Will her parents accept her? Will she fit into the norms of society? Most importantly, will her future husband accept an emancipated Vijaya?

Presented by: Karwan Theatre Group & Right Path

Cast: Mukul Nag, Jayshankar Tripathi, Abhishek Narayan, Mudrika Gupta, Harshita Piwaniya, Vasil Khan, Kalpana Pachauri, Avinash Sarvankar, Ashish Dubey, Desiree Sangma, and Rohit Soni

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