A Dog’s Way Home review : Real tearjerker for dog lovers

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A Dog’s Way Home checks all the boxes as it leaps its way into the pantheon of heartwarming animal-based family films. A loving family? Check. An adorable furry buddy? Check. Affable characters along the way? Check. A meanie creating problems for our furry buddy? Check.

However, what helps to it stand is how it makes Bella (the dog in question) the center of attention, with every human character playing a periphery part in her adventure. It also helps that said adventure pans out in a non-outlandish, mostly organic way that the entire family can relate to. Plus, Bryce Dallas Howard does a swell job of voicing Bella.

Though not without a few loopholes and parts where suspension of disbelief is required, if you’re an animal lover, then A Dog’s Way Home should be right up you’re alley. If you’re not, then the film is likely to convert you into one as it wins you over with warmth, sincerity, and a canine friend who steals your heart. Also, don’t forget to carry some tissue, especially for the climax.

Movified Rating: 4/5

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