22 Yards review: Not a cricketing triumph, but a pleasant surprise nevertheless

Bollywood Review

22 Yards is what one would call, “going in with really low expectations and emerging pleasantly surprised”.

Admittedly, hardcore cricket fans like me are bound to connect to it more than others, but there’s no denying that the film evokes a modicum of heart; features characters that elevate each other and elicits a semblance of care from us for them; and hinges on that one facet every great cricketer or stirring cricket tale is made of — “comebacks”.

What impedes the film from being better than it could is its lead protagonist, Barun Sobti, who turns out be the weakest player on the pitch, though his charming screen presence somewhat makes up for it. But earnest efforts from Director Mitali Ghoshal and writer Samrat, backed by convincing performances from the supporting cast, including Panchi Bora, Chaiti Ghoshal, and Geetika Tyagi, plus strong cameos from veterans Rajit Kapoor and Rajesh Sharma, ensure that 22 Yards doesn’t turn out to be a sticky wicket.

Movified Rating: 3/5 stars

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