10 Witty Responses By Shah Rukh Khan That Prove That He Truly Is The Badshaah Of Bollywood


Believe it or not, everyone deep down is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan, why wouldn’t they be? The man is absolutely flawless, is there any quality that this star lacks? Umm…nothing that I can think of! He has the looks, he has the charm, he has the knowledge, he has the wit and he has the personality and that’s what makes him a complete package. (Also Read: “My Life Will Be Remembered For The Work I Do”: Shah Rukh Khan On Success, Failure, Family And Filmmaking)

There have been so many instances when Shah Rukh Khan has surprised us with his quotes and witty responses which have proven to be another reason why we look up to this man. I guess, we all can take a lesson or two from him in order to make ourselves stand out of the crowd.

When SRK was his own critic…and KJo’s as well


When he knew he’d make a good eye-candy


When he had the best response to a reporter who asked SRK how his relationship with Salman Khan was going.


When SRK knew how to deal with people who judge others on their sexuality.


 When SRK took a dig at the immigration process in the U.S


When SRK was fed-up of being dragged into controversies unnecessarily


When SRK commented on being often tagged as an ‘Anti-nationalist’


When he gave a sarcastic response directed towards those who think that him and Karan Johar hooked up


When a fan asked him how many rooms are there in Mannat



When a fan on twitter asked SRK the answer to his riddle



Well, by now we know that there’s no one who can match up to Shah Rukh Khan’s energy and charisma. No matter how many interviews he gives and how wittily he responds to his fans, we can never get enough of him. (Also Read: We Bet You Don’t Have A Clue That Shah Rukh Khan Was A Part Of These Films)


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