10 most regressive and weird Hindi TV shows


Television has a wider reach than movies, perhaps. Every single member of the family watches the content which is available for 24 hours. Therefore the impact of the shows on television is much greater than that of the films. Indian television has a rich tradition of some brilliant shows and serials. Since the entertainment channels started running serials on TV, the shows have focussed on progressive thoughts and reformist stories.

Serials like Shanti, Tara, Hasaratein, Astitva, Buniyad, Daraar and Alpviram were much ahead of their time. They dealt with some serious issues and commented on the stereotypes aiming to bring in change in the mindsets. The women characters portrayed in those shows were independent and had lives of their own. Even the comedy shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh, Hum Paanch and Family No. 1 made much sense with their simple stories and clean family-audience content.

On the other hand, today’s television is idiotic, unreal and regressive. The Bahus and Betis are oppressed, the characters are engaged in showcasing melodrama, stereotypes and superstitions.  To take this to another level, kids get married to older men and women, and it is glorified. And to top it all, there are magics, tantriks, and humans turning into animals and falling in love with animals. Comedy show anchors make fun of women and cross-dress as women too! The worst part is such serials work so well and the audiences enjoy watching rather than abandoning them completely. It is high time that our television shows finally became socially aware and stopped perpetuating myths and propagating patriarchy.

Here is a list of worst shows that Indian television has given the viewers in the recent past-

Pehredar Piya Ki

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A girl who is 18 years old gets married to a 10 year old kid. This sentence itself is enough to tell how regressive the serial is. The show has become a controversy as it had the scenes where that boy stalks her and photographs her without her permission. Now the makers have gone to a next level of obnoxiousness by shooting a Suhaagraat and honeymoon sequences of the two characters.

Sasural Simar Ka

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One of the most-hated show which is still running is Sasural Simar Ka. It opened with a decent storyline of how two sisters marry in the same family and try to cope up with the changed atmosphere. But soon some unreal things started to happen in the show and the worst of them all is the protagonist Simar turning into a Makkhi. Not just that, there was a woman who transformed into peacock as well. This all apparently happens because of a curse by some Baba. The makers clubbed supernatural things and superstitions and this show is still on, Bravo!


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Naagin is the story of an Ichhadhaari Naagin but it has a man who is half buffalo and a mongoose man too! The most idiotic story that can be showcased in the 21st Century has unfortunately been always the number 1 show of the television.

Thapki Pyar Ki

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This show has made the unimaginable thing work. In a beyond Bizarre plot of the serial, a girl is wooed by a Gorilla and is seen romancing with the girl. Can anything get weirder than this?


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There is a man and a wife who are living happily together, but things can’t go normal for TV serial. A witch enters in their lives and the fight between the wife and the witch begins. The wife struggles to save the husband from the witch. Even though they showed triumph of the humans,binging in such elements in the first place is imprudence.


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Creepy things have no end when we talk about Indian TV. Vishkanya was a story of a girl having poisonous blood who falls in love with an absolutely normal boy. There were black shadows, murderous antagonists and superhuman powers also to make it even worse.


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The tagline of the show was Jaag Utha Shaitan; do we need to say more? A monstrous creature kills a girl and then everybody is on the mission to avenge the death and destroy the monster.

Kaala Teeka

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Indian serials have always played around good and bad fortunes. The characters have been talking about Achha Shagun, Kaala Saaya, Buri Nazar and what not. Kaala Teeka takes this superstitious stuff to a whole new level. A girl is considered as kaala teeka for another. She has to follow her everytime to protect from bad fortune. With this regressive plot also, the serial worked well and makers came up with two seasons of it.


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It also focuses on issues related to superstition. The plot revolves around a child divinely selected as a dedication to the goddess. Irrational beliefs and misconceptions about religion and God are propagated through such stories.

Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

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We definitely need to bring transgenders into the main stream of the society, but this serial portrays the worst possible way to do so. A woman realises that she is actually a Kinnar and then the struggle starts. The show is a totally unrealistic portrayal and spreads myths among the viewers.