10 Iconic Dialogues From Bajirao Mastani


Bajirao Mastani; the moment you hear the title, first thing that comes to your mind is the Bhansali grandeur and how SLB recreated the charm of the bygone times.

But, another aspect that added fuel to the powerhouse called Bajirao Mastani were the performances by Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra; and how they made characters, who were so far removed from today’s time, very relatable. The Deepika- Ranveer romance that gave goosebumps just with its mere intensity, and one could feel Priyanka being cast away and yet has to stand by the social obligations.

But what truly brought those characters to life were the dialogues from the film. Such depth of words, delivered with such power and grace.

Here are some of our favourite dialogues from the film.

1) The ultimate declaration of love and commitment


2) When love gives you the strength to endure the biggest challenges


3) Because Bajirao was the ultimate warrior


4) The awwww moment! 


5) So much love, sigh!


6) And everlasting hope!


7) The woman with the true strength of character


8) Because love at times, defies all logic


9) Next time you want someone to shut up, use this sassy sentence with so much swag


10) And the ultimate culmination of the great love story!


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