”You don’t even understand and identify which is personal and which is not”: Kangana Ranaut calls out the hypocrisy of some celebs on nationalism


Kangana Ranaut has been very vocal about her love for the country and has always been very honest in her opinion on matters of National interest. However, not many in Bollywood are equally open about matters of National interest or politics, and prefer not to comment on any ongoing issues.

During her recent interaction with a leading publication, Kangana called out sheer hypocrisy of some people from the industry when it came to such topics, “When asked about sex life, that you are ok to discuss, wherein there you should have a personal agenda. But there they are ok, and put pictures on Instagram. That is fine. But, about their country, its my personal choice? You don’t even understand and identify which is personal and which is not personal. It’s not your personal wish, it is a collective wish.”

Elaborating on why it was important for the members of the Industry to speak about such matters, she said, “In Israel, everyone is sent to the army, is that personal, that is situational. Tomorrow, if there is a need, agree or not agree, it has to be done. Everything about the country is a collective domain, it is the collective consciousness, we have to collectively rise, you cannot personalize it. Every question, be it on farmer, a bomb blast, women’s rights or human rights, it is about the country. Who you are with or have a social media presence is not the question of the country.”

This time, Kangana Ranaut is actually making sense.

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