With Comicstaan season two approaching, Sumukhi Suresh spill the beans about her judging criteria this season


Sumukhi Suresh, stand-up comedian, is all set to debut as a judge in Comicstaan season 2 which will be aired on July 12 on Amazon Prime. Sumukhi is not just well versed with comedy but have been appreciated for her work in streams like acting and writing comedy sketches, creating viral videos for YouTube. The comedian, also known as the ‘Tina Fey’ of India has also starred in a movie for which she has created a web series for Amazon Prime India.

When asked about what are the criteria she’ll score the candidates on, she said “A stand-up piece needs to have a performative element to it. You cannot perform the joke and go. Stand-up is a mix of story building and observation, and if someone mixes the two, I am not much of a stickler. General stage hygiene and etiquette are other criteria.”

The first season of Comicstaan left the audience on the floor laughing their hearts out with ultimate content and comedy of paramount level. Comicstaan 2 promises to bring a fresh dose of laughter with seven judges and ten contestants. The 7 celebrated stand-up comedians will truly rock the Comicstaan 2 with their comic timing. Renowned comedians Zakir Khan, Neeti Palta and Sumukhi Suresh will be joining the judging panel of Comicstaan 2 along with past season’s judges Biswa Kaylan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, and Kaneez Surka and these seven will entirely rule the stage with their vibe and comic flair.

Each episode of Comicstaan 2 is packed with varied reasons to make the audience go mad while laughing. With the best comedians on stage, the bombardment of jokes will be immense, along with that after each episode the judges will be performing too and mentor the episodes.

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