Jacqueline Fernandez talks about social media and the hardships of being an influential celebrity


One of the most influential celebrities of Bollywood, Jacqueline Fernandez talks about the hard work that goes behind being a social influencer. The fitness enthusiast of the industry talks about the responsibilities that come along with this title.

Recently, the star shared her views on being a social influencer and she says “It feels great. Also, I feel that it’s a result of hard work and being consistent in what I do. I focus on working with good people and the ones with whom I share the same ideology. Moreover, content matters the most. A lot of people don’t understand that being influenced on social media means that there is a big team behind us that transforms our thoughts or vision on the page. There are people who are consistently working on content. We have to work with that team and contribute. It is definitely a lot of work from our side as well, but it’s a team effort”.

To capture it all, the actress feels that there is a lot to do and it’s not easy to be a social influencer in this world. Her responsibilities are double and she has to contribute a lot to maintain a balance between everything.

The hardworking and dedicated actress has won her fans for being extremely committed towards her career and with her consistent success is known to be the “Jacq of Hearts”, by her fans as well as the industry peers, alike.

The actress would be seen in her upcoming movie, Kick 2 and the actress will be sharing the screen space with Salman Khan once again. Directed as well as produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, Kick 2 will release on Christmas 2019.

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