Hrithik Roshan reveals his best compliment for Super 30 came from the man himself


Hrithik Roshan reveals his best compliment came from the man himself and there couldn’t be anything better! The actor loved that the appreciation had come in from the real-life Anand Kumar whose life he has portrayed in Super 30 which has in turn, gotten him praise and applause from across the world.

Being hailed for his brilliant performance, Super 30 actor shared, “So recently, when he (Anand Kumar) was patched in with Nandish and me in a TV interview from Patna.. he gave me a feedback and I screamed out of happiness.”

The superstar is already overwhelmed with happiness after the response from the Mathematician. Super 30 recently received appreciation from the Vice President of India. Talking about Super 30, the actor has definitely gotten into the skin of his character of a Bihari Maths teacher by hitting the right chords with a soulful and emotional message in each moment of the movie.

Super 30 addresses and acknowledges the importance of teachers in the building and strengthening of society and the pivotal role they play at the base level in shaping up an individual which in turn leads to the shaping up of a society.

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