Following the trend Hrithik Roshan started, co-star Yami Gautam shares her #MySuperTeacher


After Hrithik Roshan shared a trail of tweets to tell us about his super teacher with a picture of his Nana and his speech teacher with #MySuperTeacher hashtag, it is his ‘Kaabil’ co-star Yami Gautam who has now shared a heart-warming post telling the world about her super teacher and it is not just one person but two.

Yami Gautam took to Twitter to express her gratitude towards the two major influences of her life. She tweeted, “I feel like one lucky girl to have had not just one inspiration as #MySuperTeacher but two. The first is my own mother who I owe all of who I am today, and second my teacher Ms. Harleen who will forever stay in my heart for one of the best to have learnt from. Truly grateful.”

Following the stream of #MySuperTeacher hashtags on twitter, it is one trend that has already started to take the social media world by storm and all credits to the superstar in the world, who will be portraying a teacher’s character in his upcoming film, is also promoting the importance and sheer relevance of a teacher in the society.

While giving due credit to the teachers, who play an instrumental role in not just shaping up an individual, but the society as a whole, Hrithik Roshan himself shared his super teachers on twitter starting the trend #MySuperTeacher. With all the love and appreciation to pay tribute to their loved ones who have been instrumental in their lives as a source of learning, the hashtag has become a reason to revisit the memory lane for one and all with posts flooding in.

Hrithik is reprising the role of Anand Kumar who is a Bihar based mathematician and is the super teacher who trains students for the entrance exam of IIT-JEE in Super 30. Super 30 is all set to release on 12th July 2019.

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