Dilbar sensation Nora steals the thunder with her live performance in Morocco


Dilbar sensation Nora Fatehi has been the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Her sexy moves and stunning charm has not only won over the country, but also over seas. With her recent Arabic release of the song, the performer turned into a singer in collaboration with international band Fnaire. Nora recently performed on the Arabic Dilbar for the first time in a live concert. This was the first time the stunner sang amongst live people. Needless to say, the crowd went gaga over the dancing and also now a singing sensation.

She was accompanied by her Arabic Dilbar collaborator Fnaire. Together they set the stage on fire, there was a thunderous applause for the performance and the audience were not willing to end the night. They all cheered and hooted for ‘once more’, demanding that the show goes on till wee hours. Towards the end, Nora adorably bid a ‘Namastey’ to the crowd and the audience cheerfully responded back.

With this, we can’t wait for the stunner to perform in India as well.

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