Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Biggest Indian blockbuster films in each decade

Hits, flops, superhits, disasters, average grossers, blockbusters, and even all-time blockbusters are part-and-parcel of the movie business. But through these regulars ups and downs in every film industry, a few extremely rare ones come along that change the face of the game, set new landmarks, and leave a indelible mark both at the box-office and on […]

Bollywood actors with the most blockbuster films at the box-office

Delivering hits and superhits consistently is no mean feat for any actor, especially in today’s times of digital platforms and escalating ticket prices in multiplexes. Boasting an enviable track record at the box-office speaks volumes of the actor’s script sense, trust with reputable filmmakers, pull with the audience, and stardom developed over years of hard-work. […]


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